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This podcast has become one of my go to ways to keep up to date on news. Sometimes the segments have different titles but the audio is the same content from a previous segment.If they can sort out these details, it would be a must subscribe feed.Also: President Trump is set to unveil a strategy in Afghanistan, the Navy wants answers on another warship accident, drought threatens to turn off the Eternal City’s fountains, novelist Tom Perrotta captures the humor and ...…Friday on the News Hour, President Trump removes his controversial chief strategist, Steve Bannon.Also: Unraveling a terror plot in Spain, protests and counter-protests in Boston, Dionne and Ponnuru analyze the news, a refugee giving back in his adopted country, what the Ebola pandemic taught us, a film critic explains how to watch movies and w ...…Thursday on the News Hour, a van plows through a busy tourist area of Barcelona, killing more than a dozen.The show keeps pace with radio updates and is available on demand - providing new and historical context to keep you informed. I love the news hour and I really like that I don't have to watch it.

Watch Video | Listen to the Audio JUDY WOODRUFF: Hurricane Harvey is bearing down on the Gulf Coast of Texas tonight, with all the makings of a major disaster. Also: The growing controversy over what to do with Confederate monuments, Syrians attempting to rebuild their city, Shields and Brooks on the week’s news and a novelist explains why fictional characters don’t always ...…Thursday on the News Hour, President Trump continues his attack on Republican leaders in Congress.The post PBS News Hour fu ...…Wednesday on the News Hour, President Trump defends his Charlottesville response while taking aim at the news media and fellow Republicans.We get a reality check about what happened on the ground.Stay up-to-date with reporting and news analysis via regular reports from the PBS News Hour Podcast. Lisa Desjardins reports then Judy Woodruff speaks with Edward Rappaport, acting director of the National Hurricane Center, and San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg about preparations.

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Also: City officials grapple with what to do about Confederate monuments, Steve Bannon speaks out, what online shopping means for the millions of workers, what’s behind maternal mortality rates in the U.

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