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Tortoiseshell cats have particolored coats with patches of various shades of red and black, and sometimes white.A tortoiseshell can also have splotches of orange or gold, but these colors are rarer on the breed.Most of the dates are my best estimate, except when the date is usefully written on the back! - the dates are intended to be a useful general guide only. [1880s copy of an earlier photo of c.1860 or earlier] front------plain back T. (Mr Jno Millward, 1860, Hay [on Wye] ) [Probably a copy - older gent]front------back 1861 Ferrando, Broca di Lione, Roma. Compared to other members of Felidae, the leopard has relatively short legs and a long body with a large skull. adersi (Pocock, 1932)It is the smallest leopard subspecies; adult females weigh about 18 kg (40 lb).It is similar in appearance to the jaguar, but has a smaller, lighter physique. It is native to the Arabian Peninsula: Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria; extinct in the Sinai Peninsula. The Baluchistan leopard possibly evolved in southern Iran, southern Afghanistan and south-western Pakistan being separated from the northern population by Dasht-e Kavir and Dasht-e Lut deserts.

Occasionally tabby patterns of black and brown (eumelanistic) and red (phaeomelanistic) colors are also seen.These patched tabbies are often called a tortie-tabby, torbie or, with large white areas, a caliby.Not uncommonly there will be a "split face" pattern with black on one side of the face and orange on the other, with a dividing line running down the bridge of the nose.[Queen Victoria and Albert - probably a pirated copy by an un-named photographer] front------plain back Mayall FECIT August 1st 1861. - probably a pirated copy by an un-named photographer] front------plain back Mayall FECIT August 1st 1861. [Lady c.1864] front------back Humphreys & Whaite, Royal Old Wells, Cheltenham. (Harrey died at Southam, Warwickshire.) [Gent c.1864] front------back [Older lady c.1864] (His dear old mother) [assume Mrs Eyam] front------plain back Olsommer, Palis Rougemont, Neuchatel. - Older lady c.1864 - still dressed for the late 1850s]front------back David Johnson, Corporation St. [Lady c.1864]front------back Messrs Brown, Bank Street, Irvine. [London] (With thanks Mrs Jefferies) [Mother and child (probably tied by sash to chair c.1864)front------back E. Slater, Royal Albert Rooms, College Green, & 24 Princes St. [Viscount Palmerston - probably a pirated copy by an un-named photographer] front------plain back [Mayall FECIT Dec 15 1861]. (Anney Jones died at Clapham) Lady c.1864] front------back H.

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