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This achievement was followed by a part in the commercially success first remake of "King Kong", which featured him as the protagonist Jack Prescott.

Perhaps, if Dwan could’ve gotten to know her three suitors outside of the racially tinged, island-based conflict zone in which the film takes place, she would’ve been better prepared to make a thoughtful decision about who to ultimately choose for her life partner.

To test this theory, we invite you to play a special edition of The Dating Game, where we imagine what Dwan would ask her contestants, if she had the chance to go on the show.

Although she’s clearly down for flirtatious fun, Dwan rarely encounters opportunities to express her romantic agency.

Instead, she’s both figuratively and literally plucked from her surroundings and subjected to various promises of a new, elevated lifestyle in beautiful Malibu with Jeff Bridges, Skull Island with King Kong, and Hollywood with “Harry,” the self-styled movie producer with an appreciation for seminal pornographies, respectively.

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