Are serena williams and common still dating 2016

It honors their older half-sister Yetunde Price, who was shot and killed in 2003.Eyewitnesses told also claims that they were careful to avoid having pics taken together, probably to avoid the kind of speculation that's clearly already out there. Maybe Serena and Common are on their way to a reconnection. The couple was spotted together over the weekend at the grand opening of the Yetunde Price Resource Center in Compton, California.Serena and her sister Venus founded the center, which offers assistance to victims of violence.Now that Rihanna and Drake have gone public with their relationship, many couldn’t help but wonder what Drake’s famous exes like tennis star Serena Williams thinks about the romance. “She doesn’t care,” one source said according to over the weekend. They were said to have gone their separate ways in last October and she moved on with the co-founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian. And while they have had their on-and-off romances in the past, word is they want to keep their relationship strong for the long run this time around. That’s just how she is, she was the same way with Common.” Williams and Drake’s reported relationship was the topic of conversation after Drake was spotted supporting Williams at many of her tennis matches and one of her fashion shows.

“Most of the women that I’ve dealt with, I care about, so we can keep that friendship…

Williams said she apologized to Maria, but that was 2 days before Sharapova criticized her By Matt Cronin WIMBLEDON – What if players existed in a tennis world like many journalists do, where you publish what you mean to say and stand by it through thick and thin.

That is not the pro athlete world though, and certainly not all of the tennis world, when statements that are termed “controversial” somehow get turned into eye-popping words that must apologized for.

Serena and Sharapova have a young man in common now, the charming Grigor Dimitrov, whom Sharapova is now dating and Serena once had a some kind of relationship with, whether it was just a friendship, or something more involved.

When Serena was hanging around with Dimitrov, he was still being coached by Patrick Mouratoglou, who is now Serena’s coach and by all indications, her boyfriend.

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So, you make the call: Is Common with Regina, Serena or just single?

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