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Tall singles know better than anyone, that a romantic trip in a bus or on a plane can turn into a disaster, as they won’t know where to place their legs. Get ready for all the others to complain, as they won’t see the stage in front of you.

Tall single men are used that they don’t fit into average beds, they’re used to having no legroom.

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Download our free apps to stay in touch Members already registered: /header Description If you’ve ever had relationships with a tall partner or you’re tall yourself, you know what we’re going to talk about. Single women if they’re too tall, always struggle to find a man at least of the same height.


Like every woman, we often see a room for perfection.If I could choose any height, I’d probably pick 5’9″ for myself.Being 6ft tall makes you too unique, too different, it can be good, but sometimes not so much.It is also possible to allow only matching users to write you or look at your profile!Okay I'm not THAT short, 5'9, but probably look like a hobbit compared to some people here.

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