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If my dog is asleep, I will wake it up, play with it for a while then let it sleep, then wake it up to play again.Even though I don't like to watch cartoons, I used to watch [Fushigi Yuuki], the story involves travelling between different dimensions, love and fighting.Sui is also given this opportunity, but she turns it down as she had agreed to help Lu Yi Ming with his new designer brand.She is shock to realise that a new designer in chief has been appointed in place of her.She vowed not to fall in love till she beats Chu Xing.But, she meets Ji Feng Liang (Wu Zun) who has the ability to change her way of thinking.Chun's personality wasn't that of a person who would allow such teasing, so he began to tease her back. We know, how busy you are, you will find time to be free on Ella's birthday. Also, CHUN WAS SPOTTED HELPING ELLA BUY SOMETHING ON A STORE. I really wish for her happiness and that Chun will always be there to protect her and when a magazine start another rumor about her Chun can just tell them off and say like leave my girl alone. looks like they been planning to have bayby one in the near future.. do you think it's Chun holding the baby in this pic below ? In "Absolute Boyfriend", the main character is a customizable robot made to be the 'perfect boyfriend' with a long list of qualities such as good looks, charm, and intelligence.

Lin Lai Sui (Ariel Lin) had her design, Daisy, stolen by Chu Xing when she was five.But it was not long before the two had the chance to work together. Ella was hyper and Chun, being new to the entertainment industry, was quiet and shy. Full 1 & 2.29 Jan - HK promo on YES 93.3 FM.29 Jan - HK promo in Singapore, Tampines Mall.01 Feb - Filming for Chinese New Years Special program (Summer X Summer vs. I wish CE can openly display their happiness together too. .actually , I've just logged in and checked out ... have just read something that actually made me smile ... oh , I'm soo happy that Chun updated his album with those pictures of the chubby cute baby ...ekekee.. In 2006, the two began to work together in a drama called [Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu] (aka. At first Ella kept her distance from Chun because he looked "too pretty" to her, but after a while, she began to tease him and the bud of a new friendship began. and yeah, JIA YOU for your plans for your wife's birthday. Hana Kimi), Chun was spotted nudging Ella's back/arm. I feel so moved and so pitiful for Ella for the rumors and gossips that she has to go through and endure all these years. Like everyone im very happy to see lots of hints given by CE couple though indirect but really hitting something like the Continues wearing of their couple watch.., the mushroom pics and the lates was the bayby pics... thanks Betty for sharing them right here .ehehe .then somehow , I saw Ella updated her weibo with picture of her holding a chubby baby too today ..ehehe, I just can't help giggling , is this just a co incidence again or what ...here's the picture that Ella posted in her weibo today .since Betty said earlier that perhaps it's Calvin who hold the baby in the pictures that Chun posted , wanna ask u girl ... News Source: Xin Min Translation Credit: Moonlight D @ According to Taiwanese news reports, Wu Zun and Angela Zhang were in Japan to promote today (2nd).The two’s ambiguous passion, that had been cooling down for a time, was sparked once more.

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This character is very different to Rainie's previous roles. She is too introverted and doesn't know how to express her emotions unlike me; when she is angry or sad, she will cry to fix the problem but I definitely wouldn't do that; also, I am more lively, she is just sad.

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